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Metal mesh ribbon necklace - part two

Last week, I showed you the steps for making the bead embroidered part of this necklace.  Today, we finish it!

8. Use edging brick stitch all along the outer edge.

9. Add picots, short stacks, or fringe to the edging brick stitch.

10. Hammered oval links can be captured by square stitch bails on each side.

11. I used beading wire straps and chain to finish off each side, and I used heavy brass wire to create the hook.

12. The finished piece!

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Robbie said…
I love how much you share/teach/show us!!!! BUT I can't do it all!!!! On our way south on Sat. Sure hope I can play when I get there!!!! I have so many of your pages bookmarked Chrome is going to charge me for space! :)
Meiko Lucas said…
I was with you right since the first part and waiting for the concluding part, being a jeweler myself, I appreciate the way you spelled out all the steps with pictures,it made creating this beautiful art work so simple!