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Book review: Fiber & Cord Jewelry

Pages of fun await you -- 95 to be exact!  Ashley Bunting's new book, published by Kalmbach, shows you how to turn paracord, hemp, cotton, leather, ribbon, and lace into bright and fun jewelry with the addition of a few common findings.  Fiber & Cord Jewelry: Easy to Make Projects Using Paracord, Hemp, Leather, and More is its name, playing with cording is its game :-)

Most of the pieces have a kind of rustic style, but because these materials are now available in such a wide variety of bright colors (especially the paracord and ribbon), rustic doesn't have to mean just earth tones.  The other things you will need are mostly glues and a few tools for simple wire work.  From that point, all you really to do is dive in and try some of the easy-to-follow projects, with the step by step instructions Kalmbach is known for.

The jewelry in this book is not really my personal style, but I do think that the pieces are all interesting, wearable, and well-made.  You'll have to decide if the style suits you or not!

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