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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dazzle-It blog hop!

Here's the results from the hop that I told you about last week!  My friend Carmi Cimicata arranged it, bless her, and the rings that we all made were a lot of fun.

Dazzle-It blog hop post

Marissa Decipeda-Wong 
Tammy Powley 
Jennifer Tryon
Lisa Pace
Nancy Donaldson

Eileen Bergen

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Robbie said...

What fun to visit each of these blogs!!! Love the rings...really cool!!! Thanks!

Eileen Bergen said...

Thanks for adding my name to the list, Cyndi, even though I was late to the hop.

Meiko Lucas said...

Beautiful bands, all of them. This is called taking innovation to an another level.

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