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Amulet bags

Berry Juice

Do you remember amulet bags??  Whatever happened to those?  It seemed for years you couldn't open a magazine without seeing examples, reading how-tos, and lusting over what everyone was making.

And then, all of a sudden...poof!  They seem to have disappeared from popular culture.  Is that because we had gone as far as we could go with them?  Did the large bead embroidered collars take their place?  Did we just get over-saturated by them?  It seems kind of sad that they have vanished, and I wonder if there are any artists who are still working on them and improving on our old techniques.

The bag shown at the top is a little teeny tiny itty bitty thing that I made back in 2005 from size 15/0 seed beads and even smaller antique beads.  I'm not an amulet user, myself, but I still love the bag form.  I'm contemplating whether or not it's time for a personal revival of amulet bags :-)

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That is a drop dead gorgeous amulet bag! I love them too. Let's bring them back! Yay Cyndi! You really make beauty when you bead! xox jean
Cyndi L said…
Jean, you are so kind!
Good point. I fondly recall amulet bags too. That one is really lovely.
I remember them too and thought they were a gorgeous art form. Thank you for reminding us.
I still make amulet bags from time to time and I took one of my favorite ones on a cruise in January so I wouldn't have to be bogged down with a purse. I received many compliments about it on the ship.

Beadily yours

Susan Feldkamp
aka Night Beader
Cyndi L said…
Susan, if you ever feel like sharing some of your photos with us, I'd love to post them or link 'em up to wherever you have them posted!