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heART beats from other blogs!

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done!
Jean goes off the grid and onto the griddle as she explores a different form of creativity: she reviews a fun new cookbook! It's The Clever Cookbook,Get-Ahead-Strategies and Tips for Stress-Free Home Cooking !

Book Review: Art & Faith by Cherie Burbach
Cherie's Burbach's new book, Art and Faith: Mixed Media Art with a Faith-Filled Message, is a beautifully produced compendium of art narrated by the artist.

My Twinn Doll Art
The My Twinn line of dolls, at one time, were truly works of art no longer available these days.

Everything's Coming Up Rosy
The latest free chart at Connie Gee's Designs is Rosy Square and it has blossoms to brighten your day.

Crochet for Knitters: Chain and Single Crochet
Sarah is trying to improve her crochet skills this year, and she's sharing tips and tutorials for knitters and others who haven't yet mastered this fun craft.