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Raw edge patchwork - part two

Last week I showed you the first part of my design and construction of 30-Second Hot Flashes. This week, we finish it up!

1. In this style of quilt block, I like to leave the outer edge of the top raw, but you could turn it under slightly if you prefer.

2. Cut the batting larger than the top, large enough to form a nice sized "frame" for the piece.  I used a thick piece of wool felt inside to help keep it stretched.

3. The wrap and tuck method of framing a quilt is explained in greater detail at the link, but basically, the backing fabric needs to be cut large enough to wrap around up over the batting, and tuck underneath the edges of the top. The corners can be mitered or left square.  I decorated over the seams with feather stitch.  Use blanket stitch around the outside to attach the top to the other layers.

30-Second Hot Flashes
Cyndi Lavin, 2015

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Robbie said…
Nicely done...especially like the addition of the border and your adding the embroidery off from the main piece. NICE!!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Robbie :-) My attention-span these days is just long enough to do these smaller pieces...
Eileen Bergen said…
Very cute corner details.