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Book review: Bags for Fashionistas

Your sewing skills don't have to be totally couture in order for you to be able to make handbags that look that way!  Bags for Fashionistas is a great introduction to designing and making dozens of  bags that you can personalize to your own liking.  Nani Coldine has written this book for Schiffer Publishing, and I think you'll find it very inspiring if you tend to jones on purses!

You'll find just about every different shape and size of practical bags in this book, but they are nice looking and fashionable as well.  The sewing instructions are pretty simple for most, and there are nice grid patterns that you can enlarge for yourself.  There are basic instructions in the beginning of the book so that you can refer to them whenever needed.  Then each individual bag has specific directions for the details.  Hobo, clutch, pochette, makeup bag, tote, laptop bag, and basket are a few of the styles you'll learn about.  Each section of the book also includes an interview with a professional designer, and there is a small section on selling your bags at the end.

I know that many of us like to dress up thriftstore finds with our beadwork...what about sewing up the perfect bag first and then decorating it to the hilt?  :-)