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Faux patchwork quilt block - part one

This is a "no-patchwork whole cloth" crazy quilt block.  I had a small but great textured piece of silk that was left over from a flurry of painting.  I drew up a crazy quilt block, re-sized and transferred it to a piece of muslin, and then pinned my silk piece in place on top.  Using a basting stitch, I went over all the lines in red thread.

My plan was to remove the basting stitches as soon as I had marked the seam treatments using templates, but the machine stitches made permanent marks in the silk.  Plan B (which I came up with on the spot) was to re-stitch each of the seam lines in white perle cotton thread, using a back stitch.

If I make another of these, I will skip the machine basting step and just stitch the "seam" lines on to begin with!

1. Draw block.  If needed, scan and size with photoshop and print out.

3. Trace.  Copy over tracing on the back with black pen.

4. Use lightbox to trace wrong side of pattern onto the back of the muslin foundation (so that it will be right-side up on the top.

5. Baste muslin to silk top using red thread in the bobbin along all seam lines and the edge.  Red thread should show up on the top of the silk.

6. Use the tracing paper pattern to plan out seam treatments and other embellishments.

Next week, I'll show you the seams, embellishments, and finishing in part two.

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Great idea and creative way to use a lovely fabric you don't want to cut.