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Some little stitched motifs

When I was taking the online crazy quilt courses last year with Kathy Shaw, she had us stitching up some practice motifs that could include beads or not, as we chose.  A few of my motifs were stitched directly onto quilt tops that I was working on, like my fantasy bird:

Others ended up just stitched on plain doubled muslin in a large hoop.  I spaced them all out from each other so that I could cut them out in the future and add them to whatever project needed them.  In fact, you've already seen one of them in my landscape quilt:

We did a few monogram letters, like the one at the top of the post and these:

And we also did a few insects and other critters:

I stitched the butterfly directly following the horrific attacks in Paris.  Stitching can be very therapeutic as well as allowing you to add your voice to the world.

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