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Book review: Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making

Finally, another great book has joined the very small ranks of instruction available in English on making jewelry using soutache braid!  First there was Soutache, published in 2013, and now we have Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making by the fabulous Csilla Papp.  When I first stated thinking about soutache designs, everything I drooled over in google images was by Csilla, and she quickly became my soutache idol!  Just look at this (not found in the book):

Csilla's use of color and her delightful freeform style was what first attracted me, and now I am so thrilled that Interweave has talked her into writing this book!  There is a good section in the beginning on the basic techniques, which are not hard, but do take practice.  Csilla mentions wishing you had 4 hands...  But anyway, the bulk of the book consists of 15 drop-dead gorgeous projects, with lots of encouragement to vary the colors and focals to suit yourself.

Anyone, like me, who is in awe of Csilla's great talent will simply eat this book up!