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Another reclaimed bangle bracelet

Last week I showed you a fun and easy way to give new life to a boring bangle bracelet.  Today, I want to show you an alternative way to wrap it, which is especially helpful if you don't have enough cup chain, or if you want to add different beads to the mix!

Here's what you'll need:

Plastic bangle bracelet
6-8" cup chain, 5mm
Assorted beads, any material
9' wire, 24 g
Basic tools:
Wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Measuring tape

1. Cut short lengths of cup chain and choose the beads you want to use.

2. Leave a short tail of wire to start, as shown in the tutorial last week, and wrap the wire three times to get started and three times between each "stone".  Wrap twice after the cup chain and pick up some beads with the wire.  Wrap backwards between each bead, as shown, and then cross wire forwards to start the next wrap.

3. Wrap over the tail and tuck the other end underneath a wire as best you can.  Squeeze gently with chain nose pliers to secure.

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Robbie said…
This is just so clever! Thanks so much for sharing again with us!!! Will have to try this when I get back to Michigan! Now to only remember!
Cyndi L said…
Along with all your other million projects, right Robbie?! :-)
Eileen Bergen said…
Another lovely reclaimed bangle bracelet. Very clever technique too!