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Book review and giveaway: New Connections in Chain Mail Jewelry with Rubber and Glass Rings

Do you like chain mail jewelry, but wish it had more color?  One of the easiest ways to add color is to integrate glass and rubber rings into your work, and Kat Wisniewski shows you how to do this in her new Kalmbach publication, New Connections in Chain Mail Jewelry with Rubber and Glass Rings.  Other sources of color, like enameled copper rings and anodized aluminum rings are not ignored, but the projects in this book let the rubber and glass rings take center stage.

Kat goes over the basics and pays particular attention to good technique while opening and closing rings...and frankly, since that's mostly what you do in chain mail, it makes a lot of sense to get it right!  She also has a great chart on pliers, and she covers the basics of inner and outer diameter, wire gauge, and aspect ratio too.

But mostly this book is about the projects.  Each of the 25 projects has a list of exactly what you will need to make it as shown, plus some color options.  Kat explains which weave is the basis for the project, but this isn't really a book that focuses on weaves and their families so much as on projects.  No worries...there are plenty of books out there that teach all the weave families.  This book focuses more on the color and the fun!


Would you like a great book full of new projects this Spring?  Here's what you need to do...please read this carefully. Leave me a comment here and include your email address. If I don't see your email address, I will not contact you. No contact, no win, and I simply have to go on to the next person. You are welcome to spell it out if you'd prefer, for example, beadingarts at gmail dot com. If you tweet or post on Facebook or other social spots about the contest, you can leave a second comment and be entered twice! Deadline: June 8, 2016


Cynthia said…
Hi Cyndi,
I would LOVE a copy of this book!! Thanks for the chance to win.
cynthiariggs58 at
Unknown said…
All these Cindy's!! My name is also Cindy (email:cindy.quilts at msn dot com.
I would love an opportunity to receive this book. My daughter and I were just discussing that Chain Maile would be something fun that we could work on together and this book of projects for beginner's would be a great place to start!
Thank you for the opportunity.
That sounds exciting, count me in.

sandhollowgems at yahoo dot com
Robin Coxon said…
I am always open to learning something new. This looks like a great book to do just that. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.
Anonymous said…
This would make a great b-day present for myself!!

Trudy McFall
Paula Lee M. said…
Wow! I like chain maille but this is with the colors I love!
Unknown said…
I love doing chainmaille. I have since I picked up my first set of pliers and rings and made a helm necklace with jump rings I made on my own. I would so love this book. Thank you for the opportunity to win this and for the giveaway.
trishden said…
I would love to tackle these projects, I haven't branched out yet into chain mail jewelry but would love to try. Thanks for a great giveaway!
trishden said…
I also tweeted this out here:
Thank you for the terrific review of my book! I'm so thankful that you enjoy it! I'd love to send you a kit for your fantastic review and I invite you to also share your view on the New Connections Book Facebook page. Please message me, Kat, at or

Thanks so much!