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Stitched freshwater pearl bracelet


I had lots of beautiful dyed freshwater pearls left from last week's project, so I decided to use up some of them on this experimental bracelet.  This easy to stitch piece works up fast, and you can substitute any pearls of beads that you want, but I highly recommend wonky irregular pearls like these.

Materials + Tools

Pearl mix


Flat cotton cord, 4mm

Beading needles
Nymo beading thread, white, size O

A special button 

1. Cut a piece of flat cotton cording about 12 to 15" long.  Make an overhand knot at one end and stitch through it several times with your Nymo thread, burying the tail in the knot.  Before stitching, make sure the loop will fit over whatever button you've chosen. 


2. Stitch down the length of the cord, adding pearls on alternating sides as you go, until it is almost long enough to go completely around your wrist.


3. Stitch back up the length of the cord, adding pearls of a different color in the spaces.  Working on only one side of the cord at a time, make another pass down and up, this time adding small seed beads (I used size 15/0) between each pearl.  This just gives the pearls an extra measure of security if a thread happens to break in the future.  End off your thread, again burying the tail.


4. At the other end, decide where you need your button to be, and stitch it on with Nymo, clipping the end of the cording.  Use some white glue or fray check on the cut edges of the cording.    

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