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Which seed beads are your favorites?

I know a lot of beading magazines are heavy on featuring shaped beads and multi-holed beads right now, but my personal preferences still run to regular old-fashioned seed beads.  And yet, there's a lot of variety within this bead family as well.  You've got Delicas, which are the cylindrical beads that make weaving a snap.  You've got Dyna-Mites and Tohos, which are Japanese round seed beads, and you've got Preciosa, which are Czech seed beads.  Of these, the Tohos are the most precision shaped.  

Because I do mostly bead embroidery rather than weaving, my personal tastes run primarily to Dyna-Mites for economy and Preciosa for glorious shades not found elsewhere.  But each of these bead lines has its benefits!

Miyuki & Delica Seed Beads

Dyna-Mites Seed Beads by Matsuno

Toho Seed Beads

Preciosa Czech Seed Beads

Bugle Beads


Robbie said…
I use seed beads as well...Toho's and Delica's I use for special projects but mostly are the Miyuki seed beads (#11 & 15's). I'm not familiar with Dyna-Mites or Preciosa? will look those up next time I'm in the market. Will bookmark this post so I remember. I usually stock up when I'm in Florida at my favorite bead store. She has the best prices around when I need beads "right now" know how that goes! HA
Cyndi L said…
Dyna-Mites are less regular than the other brands. I actually find that helps me with bead embroidery, because sometimes I need a bead that's a bit bigger or smaller to fit a spot. Preciosa come in amazing colors! The only ones I really don't use are the Tohos...just never had the exposure to them, I guess.