Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wire artist profiles from the archives

Gretchen Hind

Along with the new artists that we've met this month, I think you'll be very inspired by visiting some of the talented people we've profiled previously!

Elaine Harrison

Gretchen Hind

Melisa Baker

Bonnie Riconda

Peggy Li

Jean Campbell 

Tina Murphy 

Andrea Trank 

Gem Designs by Lee 

Gayle Tillem Benator 

Gia Scarano 

Jessica Russell 

Jelena Louie 

Patricia Chauvin 

Sandra Merwe 

Ruth Borsky 

Ann Skydell Harmon 

Vanessa Walilko (update)


Meg's Crochet Jewels 

Nomi Joyrich

Wendy Van Camp

Kelly Alvarez Mace

Penny Purdie

Leah Hitchcock-Ybarra

Deborah Kwitney

Bernadine Stoopman

Olivia Competente

Puakea Soares-Mercado

Paul Bishop

Kathy Pine

Bonnie Riconda

Arriel Goodwin

Terry Pugh (update)

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