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Wirework book reviews

There are so many book reviews in our archives, and these books are still perfectly good guides to working with wire, both for beginners and for more advanced practitioners!  Starting tomorrow, I'll be posting book reviews and giveaways on the newest wire books.

Book reviews:
   Wire Wrapping
   101 Wire Earrings
   Contemporary Copper Jewelry
   Chain Style
   Lacy Wire Jewelry
   Classic Chain Mail Jewelry
   Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders
   Making Beautiful Bead and Wire Jewelry
   Handcrafted Wire Findings
   New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry
   Simply Bead and Wire 
   Chains Chains Chains
   A Bounty of Bead and Wire Earrings
   Spotlight on Wire
   Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Wire Jewelry
   Show Your Colors
   Making Wire & Bead Jewelry
   Rustic Wrappings
   Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop 
   Unconventional Chain Mail Jewelry
   Weave - Wrap - Coil
   Bewitching Bead & Wire Jewelry

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