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Wire tutorials from our archives!

Wire bracelet with Maruti beads

Some simple tutorials:

   Making a wrapped loop
   Basic wirework information and supplies
   A multi-strand necklace with wrapped loops
   A "leftover" toggle necklace
   Creating a wire and ribbon necklace
   A freeform seed bead necklace on a wire armature
   Copper necklace with wire links
   A wire wrapped beach rock
   A Crocheted wire necklace
   A "sea glass" necklace
   Circuit breaker necklace
   Faerie Bells
   Chain maille bead earrings
   Freeform peyote on a wire armature
   Black Sparkle Ring
   Antique Key necklace
   Button charm holder
   Crocheted Pearls necklace
   Chain Drop earrings
   My Heart's Chatelaine necklace 

   Wire link bracelet
   Brass and wire flower necklace
   Easy wire pendant bail
   Twisted wire copper bracelet
   Maruti bead linked necklace
   Maruti bead wire bracelet
   A sparkly button ring
   Beaded comb for your hair
   Seed bead and wire bracelet
   Hammered wire earrings
   Wire fitting for a found object
   Wired button earrings
   Insulator pendant

Tutorials by our wire guru, Paul Bishop:
   Making a wire wrapped flower

   A free-form wire wrap
   A spiral on a flat pendant
   Sodalite Delightful
   Briolette suspension
   Wire wrap bracelet
   Midnight in the Garden of Good and Medieval

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