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More cute kids

I've just got one more set of Guatemalan pictures to share after this one, I promise!


Anonymous said…
So how would someone send them things that they need. The kids are adorable as kids can be. You are very lucky to have a son like you do.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks for asking Sherry! The biggest problem is that nothing can actually be sent into the country unless it's by extremely expensive private carrier. Otherwise, it just won't get there.

The best way we've found to handle it is to use paypal to send donations directly to my son, who goes to Guatemala City and buys whatever the person desires to donate. People who know him well feel comfortable doing that, but those who don't know him have given donations through our church, earmarked for the orphanage. The advantage to that is then the donation is tax deductible for the donner.

Anyone who wants more info on this is welcome to email me directly :-)