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More music with the kids

The kids were very popular performers in their old town. Guatemalans will always stop and listen whenever someone speaks or performs publicly.

In the new region, many local people come to the church service that the orphanage holds. People just wander over as soon as they see a gathering.

Music is popular with the crowd, whether in Spanish or English.


Anonymous said…
Sounds very cool. Hopefully, someday, I can fulfill my own dream of doing a work project in an orphanage somewhere. I have been leaning towards either Haiti, India, or a travelling trip among Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. It takes a lot of preparation to make it happen, tho... You need both time and money, and you know how it is, you always either have one or the other but never both.
Best Wishes to your son.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Danielle! I'm glad that these pictures have been inspiring you :-)