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Book review: 1000 Jewelry Inspirations

by Sandra Salamony

[Wicked big disclaimer: I've got 7 pieces in this book, so of course I think it's really good!]

OK, that being said, it is really good! Page after glorious page of beautiful
designs. Some so simple that you say, “Yes, of course! That’s all it needs.” Others are complex enough to make your jaw drop. I will be leafing back through this book over and over and over…

One of my pieces even (sort of) made it onto the cover! There it is - a teeny piece of it anyway - in the lower righthand corner. Here’s what it looks like on the inside:

So you know, this is purely an inspiration book. Although there are a few pages in the back of instructions on some basic techniques, it cannot be called a project book at all. There are no explanations or even materials lists for any of the pieces shown. But as an inspiration book, I think it hits its mark…I know I’m inspired by looking through it!