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How to make two-drop peyote beaded beads

These beads are extremely simple to make, so they’re a great place to start in learning to weave beaded beads. Start with a 24 inch single strand of Nymo 0 on your needle, and two different colors of seed beads, preferably Delicas or some other cylinder-style of seed beads. I used a dark galvanized amethyst and bright gold to match a Tigerskin Jasper cabochon. In 2-drop peyote, you stitch the same as in regular peyote, except that you pass your thread through 2 beads each time. Check my post on the basics online for instructions if you need to. Here’s the pattern for these little beads:

1. String on 12 beads, alternating colors, two of each color at a time. Start with 2 gold and end with 2 purple. This will be the 1st and 2nd row after you complete the next step. Leave a 5-6 inch of thread.

2. Weave the following rows in single colors, following this pattern:
3rd row - gold
4th row - purple
5th row - gold
6th row - purple
7th row - purple
8th row - gold
9th row - purple
10th row - gold
11th row - gold
12th row - purple
13th row - gold
14th row - purple
15th row - purple
16th row - gold

3. Wrap the bead into a cylinder so that the “in” and “out” parts mesh. Use the thread still on the needle to weave back and forth, “zipping” the two edges together. At the top, tie the two thread ends together, and work them both back through your work to bury them.

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rose said…
using a graph for my two-drop peyote bracelet. The instructions you've given are great but the instructions I have read ,

Row 001 L - > R (16)2
Row 002 L - < R (8)2
Row 002 L - > R (8)2

this numbering continues double for each row till end

Can you tell how to read this? I'm so very confused.
Cyndi L said…
I think it's referring to the common convention of row 1 ending up being the first TWO rows after you add the next. So you pick up 16 groups of 2 beads to start out, moving towards the right. Then you stitch across adding 8 groups of 2 beads, moving towards the left. Repeat this last step, moving back and forth across, adding 2 beads each time for 8 stitches.