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Book review: Beadalicious

Beadalicious: 25 Fresh, Unforgettable Jewelry Projects
This beading book is in a category all of its own: I don’t know quite how to categorize it other than FUN FUN FUN!! Lighthearted and bold, frivolous and functional, all of Sonya’s pieces will evoke memories of why you started making jewelry in the first place. The projects can be tailored to use the types of beads that you like and that you may already have collected. She also places a great emphasis on recycling old jewelry pieces, which I think is just grand since that’s something I love to do myself.

This book is not so much about technique as about inspiration, and that includes recipes that Sonya thinks relate to each of the projects! Fun :-)

Here’s a pair of earrings that I made, following Sonya’s directions…well, mostly following them. I’m not too good at sticking to the directions, so these have my own spin.

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