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Artist Profile update: Tammy Powley

Tammy Powley is a prolific maker of jewelry and a prolific author.  I asked her recently if she would share some updates with us to the profile that she already wrote.  If you haven't read Tammy's original profile, please do...she has graciously shared a number of project links throughout, which she has also done here!

What new directions have you explored since your original profile?
I have a new book that is coming out in January 2011 called The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making. I have been working on that since Sept. 2009 and turned in the final manuscript in March 2010, so that has taken over my life for the pat 7 months. In fact, it has also taken over my husband's life as well because along with designing and constructing some of the metal jewelry projects in the book, he also took many of the photograph.

Before the book came along, I was kind of going back to my roots a little and had started to sew again. I used to sew a great deal, but then the cost of clothing started to even out to the point that sewing my clothes was more expensive than buying them. So other than occasional repairs or items needed for the house, I stopped for awhile. However, I missed my sewing machine, so I spent some time this past summer brushing up on my sewing skills, which I was surprised to learn weren't as rusty as I had anticipated. I even went to far as to put a sewing book proposal together, and for a short time it looked like I had an editor interested in it, but it didn't come to fruition.

What do you see for the future of your artwork?
I have been so caught up working on my last jewelry book that I really have no idea what my artwork direction will be now. I hope I can get my momentum back from last summer and take out my sewing machine again, and this time, I just want to sew for fun. I'd like to spruce up my house some with new curtains, throw pillows, and other home decor stuff. I'm looking forward to spending some time just crafting for fun instead of crafting because I have some kind of publishing deadline looming.

I would also like to give my etsy shop a little more attention, and I plan to give my weblog a facelift this summer with a new template and possibly concentrate a little more on earning some ad revenue from it.

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Unknown said…
Ah! A woman who can move from jewelry making to sewing with has my total respect!

I am really looking forward to seeing her latest endeavors in print.
Tammy, thanks for the update. I always enjoy seeing what you're up to.

Can't wait to see the new book!