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A brand new e-book

I feel like I'm about ready to give birth!

I've been working away on a new project for a few weeks now, and it's almost ready to go!  That's it, up above.  I've finally started writing the series of e-books that I've been dreaming about for several years.  The entire series is called Every Bead Has a Story (which you may recognize as the tagline of this blog).  Book one is subtitled Bead Embroidery Stitches.

I am so excited to get this finished up and to be able to share it with you!  It will be a free pdf download, and will include step-by-step photos and instructions for the basic bead embroidery stitches, plus a step-by-step beginners project which will take you through all the technical details of how to construct a bead embroidered necklace of your own, using either my design or your own!

I can't wait.  Just a few more days! 

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Chiara said…
Wow, I'm looking forward to be able to download it as soon as possible!!!
I can't wait
Thanks for sharing...
Cyndi L said…
Just a little bit of clean-up left to make sure everything is perfect!
How exciting! I can't wait to see it, Cyndi.
Cyndi L said…
It's launched!!
Thank you Cyndi. Its very generous of you to share your knowledge with us. I still refer to a picture of a cuff you did when I start a new one. Just for a little inspiration!

Cyndi L said…
Aren't you sweet, Carol! I hope you'll enjoy the e-book chapter, even though I know you're already very very proficient at bead embroidery!
WindyRiver said…
Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information. Your tutorials are always fantastic, and clearly written which is so important.