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Book review: The Beaded Edge

The Beaded Edge: Inspired Designs for Crocheted Edgings and Trims 

I had no idea exactly what I was opening when I first received a copy of  The Beaded Edge.

May I just say, I need to go buy some more sweaters and scarves so that I can add beaded edgings and trims to them!  Midori Nishida and some other talented contributors show you how to make 18 different crocheted or bead woven trims that you can combine and alter in many ways, just in case 18 isn't enough.  Using a small crochet hook or a beading needle, you'll learn how to use a simple thread and lovely beads to make exceptionally lovely embellishments for both your wearables and non-wearables.   

After you drool over the trim designs themselves in The Beaded Edge, there are many suggestions for how to use them and what to use them on.  Midori's book also covers how to attach your trims and obtain a clean finish, important in maintaining an elegant classic look.

A pretty book with a different twist, published by Interweave Books, so you know it's gonna be good!

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It came up in an Amazon email with a couple of others that I plan to order. Crochet/beaded edges are a wonderful way to transform store bought clothes to your own imaginative creation!!
Cyndi L said…
I'm in total agreement, Carol. Besides, *everything* is better with beads!