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Improving your jewelry designs for 2011

Spending some time improving your jewelry designs is a great way to work through the dreaded February slump!  Just when inspiration seems to be at its lowest, take heart that spring is just around the corner.  At least it is when you think about coming up with a new collection for your customers!

Our own archives have many posts on jewelry design.

Check out the book review on a one of the fabulous Dummies Guides, Jewelry & Beading Designs.

Michelle Mach of Beading Daily wonders Why Simple Designs Aren't Always Simple to Make.

Trendsetter shares some insights into Fashion Trends for the spring and summer of 2011.

Artbeads has posted a prediction for 2011 Jewelry Trends.

And Pantone has their color fashion report ready for the spring too!

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Trendsetter - what a fascinating and cool site. Thanks, Cyndi!