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So now that you know about honeysuckle...

Next you'll want to see a copy of wonderful Margie Deeb's Spring/Summer 2011 Spring Color Report for Bead & Jewelry Designers.  Margie publishes these reports twice a year, with Pantone's approval, so you know you're getting the most accurate and comprehensive color report available.  The information and color palettes presented are for bead artists, polymer clay artists, fashion, interiors, graphic design...everyone who uses color!

I have had a chance to preview this year's first report, and I can tell you that Margie has done a spectacular job of creating palettes for you which show fresh new combinations and the proportions of each color that you should aim for.  As always, she features lovely beaded pieces by herself and other artists which illustrate so clearly how these colors can work together.  I particularly love how Peapod, Blue Curacao, and Honeysuckle have been used together in the cover piece (shown above) that was created by Jamie Cloud Eakin.  Just gorgeous!

Can I also admit to you that this is the first palette put out by Pantone that I've been 100% excited about in a long time?  Dreary is gone, and gorgeousness is in!

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WindyRiver said…
Thank you for sharing this info!
I agree 100%, Cyndi. It's about time we had some gorgeous eye-searing colors in vogue. I think we appreciate them ever more when they've been away for a while.
Heather said…
Love this years colors too and that piece is outstanding and gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing it.
Cyndi L said…
Jamie's work is amazing, and so is the work of all the other artists Margie uses to bring her palettes to life...including her own work :-)