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Fall 2011 color and style forecasts

Honeysuckle hangs on!  No big surprise there...this lovely color that was designated the "Color of the Year" by Pantone is joined by some other beauties that you don't always associate with autumn.  I'm pretty happy about it, because even though I love autumn leaf colors, it does get just a bit predictable. 

So, decide whether or not you care what the popular colors are, whether or not you intend to follow the trends.  As for me, I love them this season, so I may as well enjoy them!  More information on the Fall 2011 color palette is available at the link above. 

Want to know what trends are predicted for the new season for jewelry styles?  Check out Fashion far the predictions are classic, straight lines with geometric forms, retro rocker, and nature inspired designs.  More intriguing to me is the prediction of jewelry pieces that have interchangeable elements to allow for more personalized design choices. 

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Anonymous said…
Awesome! Thanks Cyndi this is great!
BluMoon said…
I do agree Cyndi, I get just a trifle fed up with all the sombre colours that often make up the autumn palette. I love this years colours!