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Vintage Beads from Europe

Vintage Beads from Europe is the place to get your bead mix fix, and then some!  I recently received several packets of color-themed beads from Vente Viteikaite, the proud owner of this new online shop.  The packets shown below are half the size that Vente sells, just brimming with fun fun beads and baubles:

You can find these colorways plus more on the Bead Mixes page of the site.  Vintage Beads from Europe also features this really cool drag and drop shopping cart, which is an amazingly convenient way to rustle up the beads you want! 

I've got a quilt underway which will be the new home for many of these beads.  I expect it will be awhile before it's finished, but I'll share some process shots with you along the way!

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Thanks for sharing, I'm going to take a peek. I love Vintage beads! Cheers! Lori
Burmese Jade said…
Those beads are pretty. I'm sure it would make a stunning piece of jewelry. Got to take a look at it.