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Silver leaf polymer clay cabochons - part two

Last week, part one of this tutorial covered how to make these sparkling polymer clay cabochons.  Today, I want to share with you one way to construct a wearable pendant from one of the cabs.  For more specifics on bead embroidery or more details on each of the stitches and steps listed below, please download my free e-book chapter of  Every Bead Has a Story.    

1. Glue to a piece of soft suede-like fabric and back stitch around the cabochon. Use an even number of beads.

2. Use peyote stitch to build up a bezel around the cabochon.  Add another row or more of back stitch.

3. Cut out the embroidery with a scant 1/8th inch of extra fabric.  Lightly glue the piece to the wrong side of some backing fabric (I used the same suede-like fabric for both top and bottom).

4. Cut the backing off even with the top and add edging brick stitch all around the edge.

5. Add a picot stitch around the outside.

6. Stitch a square stitch band to the back of the cabochon near the top and connect it into a loop.

7. Slip a cable necklace through the loop.


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Shirley said…
Cyndi, that is a beautiful pendant! This is one technique I have yet to try. Thanks for the great instructions.
The pendant is beautiful Cyndi. I have a big oval jasper bead that I'm gong to do this to.
Cherie said…
Another gorgeous pendant!

Are all of those bead embroidery stitches covered in your book, Cyndi?
Cyndi L said…
I had to go look at the chapter outlines, Eileen, sorry! All of the stitches except for the square stitch bail are covered in the first chapter, which is free :-) The bail is in chapter 3.
That is just GORGEOUS! Seriously beautiful Cyndi!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you!! So so simple :-)