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Crocheted Pearls - part two

For part one of this tutorial, Creating the crocheted front, please visit the link to find last week's post!

Creating the straps

1. Measure your finished crocheted piece and determine how long you want your straps to be.  Cut two pieces of beading wire, each about 4 inches longer than the intended finished length.  I made each of my straps about 3 inches long. 

2. Slip a crimp tube and a glass bead or two over one end of the first piece of beading wire.  Pass the end through one of the wrapped loops and back through the beads and the crimp.  Tighten and flatten the crimp with your pliers.

3. String your Czech glass, stone, and additional pearl beads in a pattern that pleases you, alternating these larger beads with 8/0 seed beads.

4. At the other end, string a crimp bead and another glass bead.  Pass the end of the beading wire through the toggle end and back down through the crimp tube and several more beads.  Pull snug and flatten the crimp.  Clip the wire end close and push any raw edges into the next bead.

5. Repeat for the other side, taking that end through the toggle bar. 

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