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Wire artist update: Terry Pugh

Terry Pugh

We first met Terry here two years ago when she shared all about her creative process and inspirations, as well as some aspects of her journey that had led her into working with wire.  Well, Terry's passion for wire has not faded! 

My main medium to work with is copper wire but last year I also ventured into Stainless steel  and aluminum wire.  Steel has a beautiful antique look and sometimes can even have an industrial feel, as well. I love working with a torch. Fire not only make beautiful head pins but leaves a gorgeous patina. I spent a lot of time researching natural and home made patinas and found ways to make beautiful greens, blues and reds for my copper.    
I love to recycle things. "One man's trash is another man's treasure." I am an eclectic artist/jewelry designer. I love to incorporate different objects and textures into my work. One can imagine my desk scattered with buttons, broken jewelry, discarded watches, etc.:)
My favorite pieces are those where vintage and nostalgic items are involved, something that once was someone's mother's or grandmother's.

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Terry Pugh said…

Thank you so much for sharing my profile and passion for wire jewelry on your Beading Arts blog.
Terry Pugh