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Tassels!! Fashionable summer-inspired necklaces!

 Tribe of the Sun

A guest post by Aileen Pablo

It’s The Season for Colors: Learn How to Make These Fashionable Summer Inspired Necklaces!

What’s in this summer? Fun and pastel colors are knocking at your closets. Let them in! Pink, baby blue, yellow, turquoise, orange, yellow green – all of these yummy-looking and “FUN-tastic” colors are perfect for summer.

If you don’t have any pastel colors in your closet, why not create your own summer inspired jewelries to glam up your dull clothes? Wear a plain white shirt with a rainbow colored necklace. Spice up your plain blue top with hand-crafted tassel necklace (I will share a tutorial later!). Who says you must buy new clothes for summer?  There are a lot of things you can do to glam up your old clothes and make it more appropriate for summer.

Materials needed:
1.    Tassels – any colorful tassel will do. It’s up to you.
2.    Chains – I prefer bigger chains. The diameter of the chain that I will be using in this tutorial is half inch wide.
3.    Spacer rings – this will be used for hooking up the tassels.
4.    Colorful strips of clothes – I recycled my old shirts and tops. I picked blue, pink, and yellow for this tutorial.
5.    Glue gun or needle and thread – this will be used for making roses out of fabric.
1.    Cut 2 inches wide strips of fabric. Pick any two contrasting colors. Braid it until its length matches half of the diameter around your neck.
2.    Cut half inch fabric. Tie the end part of the fabric, wrap the rest of the strip into the end assuming that it’s the bud of the rose and the rest of the fabric is the petal.
3.    Place three roses at the end of the braided fabric. You can cut green fabric and make it look like leaves too.
4.    Sew the tassels that you have at the end of the spacer rings and attach it at the braided fabric. You can use alternating colors if you want. I picked yellow and pink for my tutorial.
5.    Attach the chain at the end of the braided fabric. You can just sew it or you can open the end of the chains and make it grasp the end of the braided fabric.

Here’s a picture of my friend, Sarah wearing my creation – Roses in Bloom.

Candy Threads

I hope all of the lovely readers here at Beading Arts enjoyed my tutorial. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post.

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