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Book review: Metal Magic

If you loved Kim St. Jean's metal beginner's book, Mixed Metal Mania, you may feel that you're now ready for the next step.  Thankfully, Kim has come up with Metal Magic, just in time!  Are you ready to rock it out and take metal work to the next level?  Then buy this book.

Metal can be intimidating.  Kim makes it less so.  The basics section covers the tools needed, metal cutting, etching, adding color with enamels, stones setting - both cold and soldered - texturing and finishing, adding patinas, and creating findings.  Each section has a small practice project to get you going and help you to perfect the techniques before launching into the larger, more daunting projects.

Let me tell you, the projects combine techniques in wonderful ways that you've probably not seen before.  My favorite is an easy peasy mount for broken glass beads - something that I certainly have enough of!  It is obvious as you read through Kim's book that she has a background in teaching, both as a public school teacher in the past and as a popular workshop leader now.  If you've ever wanted to take a class with Kim, but couldn't...well, here's a close approximation!

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Heather said…
Looks like a great book...I'll check it out. I work with metals but I certainly could use some instruction.