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Metal clay tutorials and resources

Free e-book: How to create with metal clay

Fortunately, there are a lot of very talented people out there who know a lot more about metal clays than I do!  Here are some of the best resources I have found, along with a link to my own tutorials. 

Elaine Luther - an extraordinary list of everything you need to know

Free e-book: How to create with metal clay -3 great projects to get you started

Metal Clay Today - a quarterly e-mag that promotes and enlightens metal clay artists

Free e-courses - written by Tammy Powley, and available in several formats

Art Jewelry Magazine - frequently covers metal clay

How to Use Silver Clay and PMC - free downloads

Getting started with BronzClay - a video by Tonya Davidson that will show you what you need to know

CoolTools videos - a series of videos on many aspects of metal clay work

Metal Clay Academy - everything you'll need to know

Metal clay tutorials from Beading Arts - my own explorations

3 easy ways to patina metal - with easy to find solutions!

How to use heat to patina brass - get a great fire-darkened color

Chemical patina formulas - just about every color you can imagine

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