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Update from metal clay artist Jennifer Vestal

Fine silver metal clay buttons

Jenny Buttons

I first learned of Jennifer Vestal's work with silver and bronze metal clay two years ago, when she shared pictures of her wonderful buttons with us.  Well, never one to just rest on the past, Jennifer has developed new designs and also entirely new products!

Jennifer writes:

I have a group of nuns who order from me often, and they spin too. They asked if I could make them an orifice hook, and this is what I came up with (below).  Also, in other exciting news, I was asked to teach a class on They flew me to Denver for a week and we filmed 12 lessons on Torch Fired Precious Metal Clay.  I was pretty thrilled to be asked. It was a lot of fun, and I hope to help get people started with metal clay!

Orifice hook for spinning

Isn't that cool?!  Jennifer has also branched into monogrammed cufflinks, and of course there are more buttons, buttons, buttons.


Echinus seashell buttons

Antique lace button


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