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Glass artist: Dolores Barrett

Fly Me to the Moon

Dolores Barrett
Glass Artistry

I am a California based glass artist who specializes in atypical glass art adornment. I began my career in this medium in 1999, when I discovered that dichroic glass added a nice accent to my porcelain painting. The allure of fused glass completely took over as I segued from my life as a music teacher and choir director, to that of a professional artist. Many bouts of experimentation have resulted in the unusual and cutting edge designs I currently produce for glass enthusiasts and galleries across the country.

All Eyes Are Upon You

All Eyes Are Upon You 
This piece was a result of trying to combine glass work with my experience as a porcelain portrait painter. The eyes are colored glass with hand painted details and accents. The fused glass "covers" are mounted 1/4" over the pupils and create the illusion of following the viewer when seen at different angles.

Precious Beads

Precious Beads 
My ongoing love affair with gold (and how to incorporate it in glass). Pure gold foil is fused between layer of clear and colored glass. I can then fuse it to any shape desired. These beads were shaped in hand carved molds I designed for a more organic/natural look. The multiple holes are reminiscent of aquatic life.

Fly Me to the Moon (at top of post)

Very structural/dimensional piece (up to 2" in depth). I was highly influenced by mid-century modern design and the optimism of the "atomic age". Fused glass "moons" adorn a series of fused orbs and hemispheres.

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