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Book review: Showcase 500 Rings

How I love these 500 series books by Lark PublishingShowcase 500 Rings is no's a visual feast of gorgeous and challenging rings that will make you sigh with delight one moment and have you scratching your head the next.  How in the world would anyone wear that...?

I was really in love with all the non-traditional materials chosen for inclusion in this book: resin, polymer clay, fabric and fiber, and base metals were well-represented.  Some of the rings I hated, but I'm not going to tell you which, because those may be the very ones you love the most!  So here instead are some of my favorites.

Isabelle Posillico made Aqua Satellite, which is featured in the large image on the cover.  Classically beautiful, but still arresting with the unconventional swirls.  Sofie Boons constructed a ring series called The Memory of Scents.  These are fabric rings filled with scented gold dust which leaves behind a smudge and a scent everywhere the wearer goes.  Ian Henderson had two entries from what must be a musically-inspired series.  Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky are made from rubber wrapped over an aluminum frame...not particularly practical to wear, but possessing such beautiful lines! 

My very favorites, though, were made by Dukno Yoon.  Moveable rings!  So cool. 

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