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Metal artist: Judy Grum

Judy Grum
Gems by Judy

At Gems by Judy, you will find pieces in a wide variety of different mediums. My personal favorite is metal smithing. I love to take a raw piece of metal and see the transformation resulting from cutting, embossing, texturizing, and bending it into its final form. I also enjoy trying out new finishing and different texture techniques on the metal. Achieving the finished product requires a bit of engineering to determine the best construction method to arrive at the desired result. Different elements may then be applied with either cold or hot connections to create magical pieces.

My jewelry business began less than a year ago. I had taken a silver metal clay class the prior summer and discovered my passion for jewelry making. This year, I obtained my certificate as a Precious Metal Clay Artisan with Rio Grande. This certificate provides the qualifications to teach the art, and at some point I would like to instruct others. My plans are to continue to sell online, but since I'm a people person, I would like to venture out and begin selling at art shows and the local street fair. I live in the desert so I'm waiting for the end of the intense heat prior to selling outdoors. I don't want my customers to burn themselves trying on my metal pieces! My intent is to make pieces that people loving wearing as much as I love making them.

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