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Every Leaf Speaks Bliss to Me - part two

Last week I showed you how I used the tools from ImpressArt to stamp out a pendant for a new necklace.  Today, I want to show you how I used their metal hole punch to make a cool hand-fabricated chain to go with it. 

Materials and Tools

12 Gauge wire
Rub and Buff
Krylon matte acrylic spray
Jump rings

Wire cutters
Ball peen hammer and block
Brass brush
Metal hole punch (ImpressArt)
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers

1. Cut pieces of thick craft wire to equal lengths.

2. Hammer one end flat, give the wire a half twist and hammer the other end flat so that one end is vertical and the other is horizontal.

3. Use a brass brush to roughen up the metal.

4. Torch each wire to roughen up any remaining color coating.

5. Add holes to each end.

6. Dab on Rub and Buff in desired colors.  Let it dry thoroughly and spray lightly with Krylon matte acrylic spray.

7. Use two jump rings between each chain link.  Create two equal lengths of chain.

8. Use 12 gauge wire to twist into a hook.  Add the hook to one length of the chain and an extra jump ring to the other.

9. Use jump rings to attach the lengths of chain to the pendant.  

Part one - Creating the pendant
Part two - Creating the chain

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