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A new bead stringing project: Aegean Seas

Aegean Seas

This necklace features beautiful Czech beads from my friend Ekaterina at The Best Beads.  I designed it not only to show off her beads, but also to show you a way to take your basic stringing up one notch: by adding some very basic crocheted chain stitch!

Materials and Tools

Paua shell donut
C-lon cord from Marion's Jewels in Fiber
Czech glass 12 x 7 mm leaves, blue with white lines
Czech glass 6mm rounds, aquamarine
Chain and clasp set with 3 holes
G-S Hypo Tube Cement

Crochet hook (I used size G)

1. Thread beads onto the cord without cutting it from the spool.  You'll need to experiment a bit to figure out how many beads you'll need in order to obtain the proper length.  I made 3 strands, one with a few extra inches of small beads in the center so that I could form a lark's head knot around the donut.

2. Crochet the strands by crocheting a few chains to start out.  Then crochet around a bead, form another chain with no bead, and crochet around the next bead.  Alternate across the strand, ending with a few chains.

3. Use the longest strand to form your lark's head knot around the donut.  Anchor the knot by slipping a few beds from the knot through holes in the strand.

4. Twist all the strands together as tightly as you wish.

5. Tie the ends to a chain and clasp set.  Glue the knots and allow to dry completely before trimming the ends.


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