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Bead stringing with multiple strands: Scarab necklace

I was asked awhile ago to make a double-strand necklace to showcase a scarab that my customer had.  Do you see the two crystals and metal beads in the middle?  You can just see that there is a large jump ring sitting between the two metal beads.  I included a few more jump rings in the package just in case it needed to hang lower to look right.  Here are the details on the construction:

1. String two beading wires through the four central beads.  Make sure they are both several inches longer than you need for your desired length.

2. String the wires with the beading pattern of your choice.  I used a selection of seed beads in different finishes and slightly different shades and tints of turquoise.  The accent beads are ceramic disks.

3. At the ends, use crimps to attach the wires to a clasp and a length of chain.  Make sure there are one or two seed beads in between the clasp and the crimp in order to save wear and tear on the crimped wire.  Adding a chain makes it adjustable, but you can skip that and just use a soldered ring if you'd like.

4. I added a dangle to the other end of the chain, using a head pin and turning a wrapped loop

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Bead Necklace said…
Beautiful Necklace...especially the color of the beads is simply awesome...
Jewlot said…
Necklace was looking very nice:)