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Making your bead stringing designs unique - part two

Copper and Bone necklace
Unusual material that you don't see in this combination everyday

To recap, here are the principles that I suggest you think about as you seek to make your stringing designs unique enough to stand out from the crowd.  Don't try to cram all of these ideas into one piece.  Yikes!

Make your own components or beads
Work with asymmetrical designs
Use multiple strands
Develop a recognizable style
Use unusual materials
Choose daring color combinations

The links will all lead you to tutorials, but please don't feel that you much duplicate these pieces exactly...that's exactly contrary to the point!

Rock Candy
I've fulfilled the principle of making my own beads in this necklace

A classic asymmetrical design

Ocean Lariat
 Multiple strands

Blow a Fuse
A bold color combination, and kind of unusual materials as well!

Part one

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Love them all, Cyndi... the fuses are a great example of seeing art in the mundane!