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Bezel Effects project - part one

Bezel Effects bracelet by ImpressArt

I recently received some fun new paints to play with from PJ Tool.  Now maybe you're wondering what paints have to do with beads and jewelry, but stick with me!  PJ Tool is calling the new line "Bezel Effects", and it includes these very cool solvent-based paints from Pebeo which can easily be poured into a bezel, either a single color or mixed with other paints.  Then the magic begins as the solvents cause the colors to pool and separate in unpredictable ways.

After they have dried, you can add epoxy resin to the tops to created a finished glassy domed look.  I found them quite entertaining to play with and enjoyed using both bezels from ImpressArt and "homemade" bezels like bottle caps and closet slide hardware.  Here is the process in a nutshell, and next time I'll show you the piece that I made.  Here's a's going to use some of the hinges that I showed you a few weeks ago that I picked up in Astoria Oregon!!

1. Gather a selection of bezels and found objects to use as bezels.  The bezel with the loop came from PJ Tool.

2. After mixing and drizzling the paints into the bezels, use a large bowl to keep them from being accidentally touched or having dust/cat hair/other debris embed by mistake.

3. This is a single color that has simply been poured into the PJ Tool bezel.  Isn't that honeycomb effect cool?  This is one of the "Prisme" colors.

4. So here is a different look.  I spilled some of the paint (two colors mixed) onto the waxed paper I had under the bezels.  After it dried, I peeled it up and added it to a bezel that had already been heat treated and scuffed.  It doesn't fill the bezel perfectly, as you can see, but when I poured the resin over it to seal it in, all the cracks were leveled off.  It's got a great rustic look now.

5. After pouring the paint and letting it dry, the surface is slightly shiny but sort of unfinished looking, and will be vulnerable to scratches.

6. Adding a dollop of epoxy resin to the top of each bezel gives a glassy smooth and slightly domed finish to the bezels.  Let these cure back under the tupperware bowl.

Next week, I'll show you what I'm doing with some of these Bezel Effects cabochons!

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Robbie said…
Interesting! Will for sure 'stay tuned' for what you do with them!!