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Bezel Effects project - part three

Well, I could have saved myself some time, but projects just don't always go the way we want!

Starting with my plain hinge bracelet (see Part two from last week), I decided to do some bead embroidery around one of the Bezel Effects bottle caps I made (see Part one) and use it for a central cabochon.  The plan was to use two more plain bottle cap cabs on the sides.

That's where things went wrong, although not terribly wrong!  The beaded cab was just too big for the central platform.  In fact, once I looked at it a bit more closely, I realized that almost any amount of beading was going to make it too big.  Oh well...time for plan B.

I actually think that the plain Bezel Effects bottle cap cabochons are more in keeping with the rustic vintage hinges.  And now I have a left over stitched piece to use in another project!  Yay!

Bezel Effects paints, resin, and hole-punch tool from PJTool

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