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Book review: Metal Clay 101 for Beaders

Kristal Wick has written a new book for Lark Books, called Metal Clay 101 for Beaders.  This is the second book in the "101 for Beaders" series.  The first, you might remember, was Candie Cooper's Metalworking 101 for Beaders (my review).  I gave that book very high marks, and same goes for this one.  Kristal has a very easy to read and follow style of writing and illustrating her work.

If you haven't ever gotten involved in metal clay before, you might just be amazed by the variety of forms that are now available.  Kristal's purpose in writing the book is to show you how to make pieces that will integrate with your current beadwork: focals, beads, bead caps, bead frames, toggles, charms, connectors, links, pendants, bracelet ends, and end cones.  Imagine having a toggle set for your necklace or bracelet, custom made!  Wouldn't that be great?  Well, Kristal will show you how.  There are 30 projects that combine metal clay components with beautiful beads.

Puzzle of my favorites
Kristal covers PMC Sterling, PMC3, BronzClay, Fastfire BronzClay, and CopprClay, and all the techniques you'll need to work with them successfully.  She also includes some beginner bead and wire techniques that you'll need for the projects.  But the meat of the book is about making your own beautiful, unique, completely original components for your work!

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