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Bead embroidered pendant with an antique button

It's official...I'm crazy about these little pendants and I can't seem to stop making them!  It's great though, because they've allowed me to play with combining various stitches and I've been thinking a lot about making my next large piece, probably by assembling components rather than using one large necklace template.  So just as soon as I settle on a color palette and/or some focal points, I'll be getting started on that.

But in the meantime...

1.  Add two rows of back stitched size 11/0 seed beads around the button.  This button has a shank, and so I've sunk it below the surface of the foundation fabric in order not to have to damage it.

2. Using the bead embroidered form of African helix, I added a first row to the inner ring of back stitched beads.  Using the outer row of back stitching as a base, I added the full African helix motif, and stitched 4mm and 6mm rounds into the "holes".

3. Cut out the pendant and the backing fabric to match and add edging brick stitch around the outside.  Stitch small stacks or picots of seed beads around the edge for embellishment.

4. Stitch a square stitch bail to the back.

Materials sources:

The button came from a market in Portland Oregon.

Instructions for motifs:

Bored By Back Stitch will teach you how to create twelve different bead embroidery motifs, using nine different beadweaving stitches.  Learn how beadweaving stitches can be morphed into beautiful bead embroidered motifs, created to surround and enhance your cabochons or accent beads.

The specific motifs you will learn are designs that use embroidered forms of basic peyote, Cellini spiral peyote, brick, Russian spiral, herringbone, chevron chain, right angle weave, square, African helix, and double or single St Petersburg chain.  In addition, there are step-by-step instructions for three projects to help you use your motifs.  The e-book is available now, 127 pages, $3.00 US.

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Robbie said…
Just beautiful! And your tomato soup recipe was great!!!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you! Aren't you sweet!!
It's hard to believe that's just a common everyday button in the center. It looks like it was hand cast just for this brooch. Beautiul!