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Book review: Hot and Cold Jewelry Connections

Do you find the idea of soldering metal intimidating?  Then perhaps this book will help you change your mind: Hot and Cold Jewelry Connections by Kieu Pham Gray gives you choices with each project.  You can chose to do the "safe" cold connection, or you can branch out and try the "dangerous" one!  Either way, you'll end up with a beautiful project.

This is a good beginner's book on working with metal.  About a third of the book is devoted to the basics of metal tools, materials, and working techniques, including wire, sheet metal, riveting, patinas, annealing, soldering, and polishing.

Next, you'll be challenged to work your way through ten pairs of projects designed to show you both hot and cold options for construction.  As you advance through them, you'll have the opportunity to compare, for example, soldered hinges with rivets and jump rings, soldered jump rings with wire binding, and soldered prongs with filigree tabs.

Whether it is made with the hot or the cold techniques, my very favorite piece is also a very simple one: a lovely spiral chain shown on page 74 (and shown above).  I want to make this in both methods!  

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