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Lampwork glass tutorials

Working with hot glass or warm glass gets me excited! I hope that you enjoy lampworked and fused beads too, either making them or collecting and using them in your work. Here are my tutorials from over the years that will help you get started!

Getting started with Lampwork:

Lampwork Basics and FAQs

My favorite glass beads to make

Tutorials which use the beads you've made or collected:

Stringing ideas for using lampwork beads

Basic earrings

Beaded Lily necklace

Perth the Turtle necklace 

Antique key and lampwork glass necklace  

Lampwork jewelry designs

A woven seed bead bezel for a lampwork bead

My Heart's Chatelaine necklace

Rock Candy necklace

Simple stringing for a glass pendant

Love is a Rose necklace

A Leftover Toggle necklace

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