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Shibori silk wild rose necklace

This Wild Rose Necklace is the piece that I made for the Bead Journal Project back in August.  Sorry that it's taken so long to share the tutorial, but I had to first show you all the parts, which are linked below!

1. Create a wild rose flower according to the instructions at the link.  Make a leaf according to these instructions.

2. Cut a small piece of backing fabric and lightly glue it to the back of the interfacing.

3. Stitch the flower and a leaf to the backing fabric, and clip it so none shows from the front.

4. The finished centerpiece.

5. Stitch on two soldered loops.

6. Add a wire to each side with wrapped wire loops.

7. Add a bead and a filigree piece to each side.

8. Add various chains pieces and wire-wrapped beaded links to one side and finish with a hook clasp.

9. Finish the other side similarly, and end with a beaded dangle.

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I've been wondering what you might do with this gorgeous silk flower. It's perfect!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Eileen!
Cherie Burbach said…
Once again, I would have never thought to do this. You always show me something new.